Meet the Team



Nicole views the body as a means of understanding self and environment. Yoga became her main method of organizing this understanding during a 9 month trip overseas in 2011. In 2012 she completed a 200hr yoga certification. In 2013 she began teaching at Zen Yoga Garage. In 2014 she organized the Big Yoga Chicago collective  as an incubator for new students, new teachers and lifelong students to the practice dedicated to sustaining access to this process of coming into 'yog' - union - integration. Big Yoga spread to Los Angeles during her two year stay there. While living in LA Nicole also taught yoga at the Harvest Home for pregnant homeless women. Nicole is Reiki certified, holds a BS in Kinesiology and has completed meditation trainings around the world with the International Association for Human Values. Nicole is back in Chicago working as founder and Creative Director of BIg Yoga Chi, teaching with Big Yoga, Zen Yoga Garage and the Healthy Hood.