Meet the Team




Mallory is a medical student at Rush University, in her last year of medical school and nearing the beginning of her practice as a family physician. She first became a part of the Healthy Hood community 4 years ago. She was working with students at Ruiz Elementary through Rush’s partnership with local organization, 5+1=20, teaching health classes in hopes to narrow the life expectancy gap that exists in Pilsen and other Southwest Side communities of Chicago. In this classroom setting, she collaborated with students to come up with the idea of a community garden—now known as Healthy Hood Community Garden. She is excited about the way garden improves access to healthy foods, increases comfort level with healthy cooking, integrates moderate-level physical activity into people’s routine in the form of gardening, and augments the mindfulness initiatives at Healthy Hood through things like mindful harvesting and eating. She has been involved in additional mindfulness and wellness training through her role in the Schweitzer Fellowship, as well as her clinical training at Rush University. Currently, she leads chronic disease workshops, for example, diabetes and hypertension workshops, wellness and mindfulness sessions, cooking classes, group gardening club, and community building activities in the garden. She also orchestrates health screenings at Healthy Hood, integrating individualized nutrition and lifestyle counseling based on screening results. She believes in creating a non-judgmental and supportive learning space, filled with fresh vegetables, collaboration, and gratitude!

Find Mallory at HH managing all things garden related.