Exercise the Body. Educate the Mind. Awaken the Consciemce.

Healthy Hood is a small fitness and dance studio located out of the recreation hall of Lincoln Church located at 2242 S Damen. Located out of the Pilsen community Healthy Hood was created to provide quality fitness and dance classes at an affordable price to the underserved. There is currently a 20 year life expectancy gap in Chicago between communities such as Pilsen and suburban or higher income communities. Healthy Hood was created to combat that gap working in a partnership with the Youth Health Service Corps. The YHSC works with students ages 12-25 in the local public schools in the area teaching about the 5 most common diseases that act as killers of our community as well as teaching and certifying these students on how to screen themselves and family members. All of these diseases are preventable with early detection, good diet and daily activity. Healthy Hood acts as the center in the community that provides these services. Come join in and take a class and become a part of this amazing network of people who are changing their lifestyle, fighting the 20 year life expectancy gap and creating a Healthy Hood!