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Program Description

The Athletic Training Seminar is offered to Chicago Public School students in 9-12th grade. Healthy Hood, Rush University Medical Center Sports Medicine Residents and Jordan Brand provide the participants with the information and clinical skills necessary to support injury prevention resources in their respective Chicago Public High schools. The students participate in a structured 3.5-hour introductory seminar including didactic and clinical components. 



The aim of this program is to expose students to different careers in medicine and the athletic arena as well as promote injury prevention to prolong the athletic careers of CPS athletes. Together the didactic and clinical approaches will encourage mentorship relationships and provide for a challenging but rewarding experience.


Injury Prevention Workshop (Wrapping and icing)

Although high school sports promote camaraderie, teamwork and an overall healthy lifestyle they put students at an increased risk for sports related injuries. Students in neighborhood Chicago Public Schools are not given the resources nor the education necessary to avoid preventable injuries. 


This workshop includes a presentation outlining the possible risk for injury with a focus on concussion, wound care, and ankle injury. The students will learn the muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle and be able to identify definitions for sprain, tear, or fracture in that region. Following the presentation the students were given a demonstration on how to properly wrap an athlete’s ankle before activity and why a cold compress is important. The students were also given a post clinical assessment and pending clearance from attending physician will have the the opportunity to progress on to “Athletic Trainer in Training”. 


Eat to Recover Workshop (Muscle recovery nutrition)

Alexandra Curatolo- Bellis

This workshop focuses on nutrition after injury that can help you recover from surgery, heal wounds and strengthen bones and muscles to get you back on your feet and back to an active lifestyle as soon as possible. It will also focus on basic “eat to perform” tips, for athletes to help avoid injury overall. Students also receive a sample of Belli’s owner Alex Curatolo’s “recovery juice” and the recipe.

The first training was held April 21st at Station 23 located at 32 S. State.100 students from RTC Med Prep and Benito Juarez Community Academy attended. There were 10 RUMC sports medicine resident volunteers giving the injury prevention workshops and assisting with clinical skills assessments.