Meet the Team



Tanya Lozano is a dance instructor and activist in the Pilsen Community of Chicago. As an athlete and dancer, Lozano always found her passion in sports and fitness. She began playing basketball at a very young age and ventured onto her first organized basketball team at Rudy Lozano Bilingual International Academy. She then continued her education and basketball experience at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. As a freshman, Lozano quickly earned the starting point guard position on the Varsity Team as well as the title of captain on the Junior Varsity team. Brought up by two activist parents, Lozano was involved in many of the local social justice campaigns as well as some of the national struggles for Latino rights. As a freshman Lozano organized a walk-out amongst her student body at Cristo Rey to participate in the massive immigrant rights marches of Chicago in 2005. As a result, Lozano was not able to continue her education at Cristo Rey her sophomore year. She transferred to Benito Juarez Community Academy, continued her education and basketball experience as the captain and MVP. Lozano decided to begin her collegiate experience at North Central College in Naperville, IL. with an interest in political science. She continued to play basketball at a division three level. Soon Lozano would decide to leave NCC due to experiences with racism at both the administrative and student levels. she would go on to Northeastern Illinois University majoring in social justice.

After learning of the health disparities and injustices in her own community, Lozano made the socially conscious decision to begin and remain pursuing her career in fitness in her own community of Pilsen where their was a lack there of. Her sense of style, passion for a healthy community, and her desire to influence has earned her a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts and outstanding number of clients from the community, and has expanded her clientele to clients of the surrounding Areas as well. She founded Healthy Hood Chicago in 2014 and has  then developed a team of quality instructors from the community. Providing quality services to the community as well as income for instructors.

Find Tanya at HH teaching Intro to Choreography and anything in between!





Seobia, known as The Fitness and Health Creative, is on a mission to inspire all generations to create the healthy lifestyle they need & deserve. Equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University + being an ACSM certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Seobia has been committed to making fitness fun and liberating since 2011. She’s extremely passionate about helping others break negative generational habits and teaching people how to live their own individualized healthy lifestyle. Seobia loves connecting with people through her vibrant warm personality, creative classes, encouraging words, and passion for educating others.

Find Seobia at HH teaching Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Strength, workshops, and leading her signature 8-week Fitness & Health challenge.



Christina Wilborn is a dance instructor and Events Coordinator for Healthy Hood Chicago as well as the CEO and founder of SheIs the Movement. Wilborn has been dancing for over 10 years. Early on, Wilborn trained with hip-hop companies such as CODA, The Puzzle League, and Hip Hop Connxion. During college she realized the importance of technique in dance and pursued her minor in dance. She found importance in taking the time to understand the body and appreciate the movement and where it originates. After college, Wilborn continued honing in on her passion for dance, teaching various classes at Flirty Girl Fitness and performing and choreographing for Urban Burlesque Dance Company.

Now, as a wife and mom of two, her passion for dance has reinvented itself as a way to help women find their inner sexual confidence. She hopes her classes can inspire women to leave their comfort zones and learn to love and embrace the skin they are in. Christina strives to teach the importance of disassociating “sex” from sexual and hopes she can encourage women to live in their CONFIDENCE.

Find Christina at HH teaching ‘VIBE’ and coordinating events.





Mallory is a medical student at Rush University, in her last year of medical school and nearing the beginning of her practice as a family physician. She first became a part of the Healthy Hood community 4 years ago. She was working with students at Ruiz Elementary through Rush’s partnership with local organization, 5+1=20, teaching health classes in hopes to narrow the life expectancy gap that exists in Pilsen and other Southwest Side communities of Chicago. In this classroom setting, she collaborated with students to come up with the idea of a community garden—now known as Healthy Hood Community Garden. She is excited about the way garden improves access to healthy foods, increases comfort level with healthy cooking, integrates moderate-level physical activity into people’s routine in the form of gardening, and augments the mindfulness initiatives at Healthy Hood through things like mindful harvesting and eating. She has been involved in additional mindfulness and wellness training through her role in the Schweitzer Fellowship, as well as her clinical training at Rush University. Currently, she leads chronic disease workshops, for example, diabetes and hypertension workshops, wellness and mindfulness sessions, cooking classes, group gardening club, and community building activities in the garden. She also orchestrates health screenings at Healthy Hood, integrating individualized nutrition and lifestyle counseling based on screening results. She believes in creating a non-judgmental and supportive learning space, filled with fresh vegetables, collaboration, and gratitude!



Jasmine is a Chicago native and graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, from which she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Education. She’s been a dance teacher for over a decade and has been doing work as a dance instructor and certified fitness trainer in Los Angeles for over three years.  Her fitness classes have been featured at BlackDoctor.Org, The Los Angeles Times and The Advocate.  Jasmine is passionate about helping people reach their healthy lifestyle goals and has returned to Chicago to do just that! Jasmine's fitness and lifestyle brand, SHAPESHIFTERS by Jasmine Danielle, works to empower others with pop-up classes, monthly workshops and programs. In addition to leading groups in Barre, Afro-Caribbean Cardio, Surfset®Fitness, Kickboxing, Indoor Cycling, Empowerment Dance, and HIIT Bootcamps, Jasmine is also a fitness lifestyle blogger and fashion designer. She uses her blog, theSHIFT, to inspire and empower people to overcome their fears and weakness in order to live in their purpose.  After experiencing one of Jasmine’s classes you’ll leave feeling exhausted, inspired, and empowered.  Her motto is “Change your mind, change your life” and her commitment is to live a full life and help inspire others to do the same as well.  Find Jasmine at HH teaching CaribBarre




Shea Gardner is a wife and mother of 2 living on the Southside of Chicago with her family. She is a Yoga Teacher, Youth Worker, Writer, Artist and co-founder of Maroon Village (501c3). Shea chose Healthy Hood because it’s a space where creative community healing takes place. Shea believes “there is no denying our city needs to come together to heal.” She loves that Healthy Hood offers healing not just for the individual but the collective!

Find Shea at HH teaching yoga basics, lifted yoga, and leading meditation + workshops.





Candis passionately embraces the power of yoga and meditation to connect more deeply to mind, body and spirit. Candis's classes emphasize stillness, silence, and precise anatomical alignment by implementing meditation and sequences that are usually strong, yet unhurried. 

As a teacher, Candis aims to facilitate in her students a sense of exploration by utilizing a variety of styles in the ongoing quest to raise physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness. She loves the opportunity of introducing new students to the practice that she, herself, has benefitted so much from. By establishing a strong foundation and by building upon it in a respectful, responsible, and disciplined manner, Candis believes that all students are capable of realizing their best selves.

Find Candis at HH teaching Soul Flow Yoga + leading workshops..



Hi, I'm Areli and I like to say I didn't find yoga. Yoga found me. And it was quite persistent! 

Although yoga and I had a number of "missed connections," it wasn't until I was knee-deep in anxiety that I really made space for this beautiful practice. In 2017, I signed up to a yoga teacher training, looking to deepen my practice. And upon completion, I realized that I couldn't keep what I'd learned to myself. I wanted to share it and specifically share it with those who would most benefit from it. That's when I rediscovered Healthy Hood, and I couldn't be happier to be part of this amazing team. 

In my classes, I aim to provide a safe and loving space for individual exploration (because we're all different right?) Expect a vinyasa-inspired heat-building slow flow class with lots of moments for self-care and reflection. See you on the mat!

Find Areli teaching Yoga en Español, Sundays 10am

Hola, mi nombre es Areli y no creo que encontré la práctica de yoga, más bien creo que la practica me encontró a mí. 

La verdad es que aunque había tenido algunos 'roces' con la práctica, no fue hasta que ya no podía mas con el estrés y la ansiedad que finalmente le hice un espacio en mi vida. En 2017, con la esperanza de profundizar mi practica, me inscribí en una formación de maestro de yoga. Y aunque mi intención nunca fue dar clases, a medida que pasaban las semanas y meses, me di cuenta que tenía que compartir esta práctica con más personas, y en especifico, con la gente que más se beneficiaria de esta práctica. Me di cuenta que habían pocos espacios en las comunidades de bajos recursos. Y fue así como encontré a Healthy Hood. Me enamoré de su misión y ahora me siento feliz de formar parte de este increíble equipo. 

En mis clases, trato de crear un espacio seguro y acogedor para que cada persona pueda explorar su cuerpo a su manera (porque no todos somos iguales, ¿cierto?).  Calentaremos el cuerpo poco a poco,  nos moveremos sin prisa de una postura a la otra (tipo vinyasa) y tendremos bastantes momentos para reflexionar y cuidar de nosotros mismos. ¡Espero verte pronto! 

Clase: Yoga en español, domingos, 10am